Project » Objectives

  1. Developing quantitative techniques that enable a non-biased ex-post evaluation of the impact of EU RD programmes, i.e. disentangling the programme effect from other exogenous factors; calculation programme’s substitution effects, replacement effects, deadweight loss effects and other indirect effects.
  2. Deriving an aggregated indicator of regional development, the Rural Development Index (RDI), to be used for ex-ante and ex-post evaluations of RD programmes in rural areas.
  3. Developing quantitative techniques that allow more precise ex-ante evaluations of RD programmes by taking into consideration the impact of tangible and intangible factors (e.g. networking).
  4. Comparing evaluation results of quantitative advanced methods with other methodologies applied in evaluation studies.
  5. Providing policy recommendations for an improved evaluation of RD programmes in the EU.